Download Movie App PlayBox APK for Android and iOS iPhone!

iOS and Android Both Blessed By PlayBox HD APK.



The PlayBox HD APK is an app that lets you stream movies and shows away from traditional formats that have kept you in the dark ages for far too long now. Over the course of this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to take control back from your media oppressors by using PlayBox HD.

Trying to find a good video source to stream movies online can make you feel like a caveman sometimes.

                           Trying to find 1080p sources for over 20 minutes

Just like the Neanderthals thousands of years ago, venturing into the dark, dangerous and unknown depths of the internet, being attacked by pop-ups and inappropriate sources, waiting for loading- times only to be disappointed by turned up errors, at least cavemen only had to worry about T-Rex’s being hungry.

Well now, like the Zeus on Olympus clearing our gray gloomy skies of our online lives, a shining gold beam of light from the heavens has bestowed us the PlayBox HD app. This app will bless you with your favorite movies and TV shows online without broken promises and digital pain. Escape the tyrannical rule of other imposter apps, now you can spend less time searching and more time watching.

                                                    ”Let there be 1080p”

How-to Install PlayBox HD for iOS:

The installation process is simple and quick. Unlike other apps that rely on flash or different plugins for varying devices, PlayBox will work on iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches.
First, copy the following link, then head over to safari and paste it into the URL:

Select the green button.

playbox installation bottom


Gently touch the install button. Just kidding, just touch it.



Press your home button and navigate to where PlayBox appeared. If you’re having trouble finding the app, maybe you have too many apps downloaded to your phone, do you really need THAT many apps? Now you may be greeted with this message, not to worry, in case this happens, follow these quick steps.

playbox untrusted


Go to general, conveniently highlighted in red here, if you can’t see it, please go to a doctor.

genaral properties


Select profile. You better be able to see the red highlighted word, it took like 2 hours to learn how to do this in photoshop.


Hit the highlighted section.


Select Trust. Trust this more than you trust yourself.


That’s it. Now back to where PlayBox was installed.


Bam. Free movies and TV. No more embarrassing ads around children.
playbox movies theatre

How-to Install PlayBox HD for Android:

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you Android users. Since you can’t download PlayBox from the Google Play Store as well, you will need to sideload the app on your own to your device.

                                             “Haha, they covered iOS first”

  1. Go to Settings > Security > Turn on Unknown sources                                                    
  2. Head to your browser and go to the following: 
  1. After the file is done downloading, open it and press Install


  2. When opening Play Box, you will be prompted with a “Once more we are sorry any inconvenience. Please update the latest app” message, simply press Cancel


Voila! Another victory in avoiding paying money for movies!
What’s especially unique about PlayBox on Android is that it allows you to connect to your Chromecast, so you can beam a video from your phone/tablet to your HDMI TV.


Download Movie App PlayBox for iOS – iPad and iPhone

The iTunes Killer: Download PlayBox For All Your iOS Devices

Traditional platforms for watching films and television are beginning to fade into emerging new media landscapes thanks to streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Video and Hulu. 

Out of the giant streaming providers come the bad boys of this generation, apps like Showbox, Popcorn time and the baddest of them all, the PlayBox HD.

Here you will learn three methods to download PlayBox app iPhone and install it. 

The first methods works for everyone but if it doesn’t work for you for some reason, you can try the second and then the third method. 

Download PlayBox Apk for iOS:

1st Method:


  1. Put some romantic music on while doing this for best results. Download the movie app PlayBox HD app for iOS by clicking the below link, then get some chocolate and whipped cream because this is about to get hot:
  1. Once you complete downloading the file, the next step is to install the app in your iOS device. But don’t do it too fast, slowdance a little first, let the good vibes guide your hands to the install button. Be gentle.
    install playbox in ios 1
  1. Once you see this actionable pop-up, just romantically touch install and go to the home page the app installed on. Now you’re a real Playboy.
  1. After launching the app on your device, you need to login with the credentials as given in the below image.
    install passoword222
Now you just have to input the username and password. Without looking below, can you guess the password? Don’t cheat now, ah forget it you already cheated.


Password: playboxHD4
  1. Once you enter the email ID and password as given above, you can access the best entertainment movie app at your fingertips. But please keep listening to romantic music, you had some nice moves, you been to France before?
So this completes the first method to download and install PlayBox for iOS. You still look hungry, okay fine here’s another way you can easily use this app on your iOS device. Now let’s see the second method you greedy bastard.
Caution: Please do not update the app after installing even if it asks you. It will either crash or not work properly if you update PlayBox HD app, or 123movies apk  and you’ll have to start all over again and that’s just really embarrassing.

2nd Method:

This sounds weird but it works. You just need to change the date to January 1 in your iPhone or iPad. It’s kind of like time traveling actually.
  1. Once you do that, download official PlayBox apk here (works only from your iPhone).
  1. When you run the app, you will see the pop-up box as you saw in the first method
                                       install 2method playbox
  1. Once again, romantically touch install and you will see another box seeking permission from you. That means she likes you.
  1. This permission is asked because the app is not available in the App Store. But who said you should always listen to Apple, remember they made those overpriced iPhone cases that weren’t even that good quality? They broke our trust.
And if you STILL for some reason are still unable to do so, here is another method to get PlayBox on your iPhone or iPad. You better not mess up this time, third times a charm.

3rd Method:

This method is tricky. You can download PlayBox app by installing vShare. Follow these steps and for the love of God don’t screw it up.
  1. Download vShare right here
  2. Once the downloading is completed, install vShare application on your iPhone or iPad. Please don’t tell me you somehow exploded your phone already.
                                       VSHAR INSTALL
  1. Right after that, you will see a pop-up seeking for permission whether to trust the developer of the app or not. Simply touch ‘Trust’ button.
                                            vshare install playbox
  1. Launch the app on your iPhone using iOS and then type PlayBox HD in the search box
  2. Still with us? Good. Download the PlayBox for iOS app on your device and enjoy watching movies online.

How To Download And Save Shows/Movies To Your Device in PlayBox HD

This is probably the best feature of the app. This is like giving the middle finger to every other paid streaming service that doesn’t let you save movies for offline use, proving that services like Netflix have no excuse to not allow this.
  1. Open up the app and touch those 3 lines at the top left.
movies playbox
  1. Type in your film/show of choice. In this case, The Hateful Eight, which is in theaters right now and the app already has it. Mind blown.playbox choice
  1. Choose your choice of quality. Obviously 720p and up of course, like a king.

    playbox movie quality

  1. Press okay and it will download in the background, you can even watch another movie while you’re saving this movie.

    download movie in playbox

  1. The movie will be saved to the download folder. Do you realize you just downloaded a film in theaters RIGHT NOW to your phone?

    movie was downloaded in playbox

  2. Now, please contain your tears of joy.

Download Movie App PlayBox HD apk for Android!

How To Download PlayBox HD apk on Android And Be The King Of Streaming:

PlayBox HD app solves all your video streaming issues on Android. However, this app isn’t available on Play Store and you have to install it using PlayBox apk. This tutorial will teach you exactly how to download and install the app by using the apk file. 

Once you have installed PlayBox HD apk, you will have full access to movies and TV shows in full HD galore on your Android mobile and tablet. You can even save your favorite HD streams to view later when you don’t have internet access. 

android playbox

When you upgraded your mobile to Marshmallow – Will PlayBox HD work?

There is nothing to worry. The new Android is great and it won’t stop you from watching your favorite HD movies free of ads with PlayBox HD. 

PlayBox HD apk is compatible with all versions of Android. The latest version works smoothly on devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow. 

Follow the tutorial and you will be able to play HD videos on your phone. 

PlayBox HD Movie App Download for Android:

This method teaches you how to side-load PlayBox using APK and install the app.

NOTE: Be sure to follow the tutorial till the last step to be sure everything works. 

Step 1:

Make sure turn off your rebel defences and allow unknown applications to install on your Android device. Tap on Settings > Security > Turn on Unknown Sources button as shown below:


Now that you’ve done this young free movie searcher, it will be smooth sailing.

Step 2:

Don’t relax too fast, you have to download PlayBox APK to install the movie streaming app on your Android device. Download PlayBox APK here

If you haven’t cut off your own hand with a lightsaber so far, you should see this:


Step 3:

Now just shoot the Install button with your raygun

Don’t worry, for once there’re no pop ups.

Step 4:

Once the app is installed on your android device, you will now be able to stream your favorite movies, TV shows, videos, etc. right at your fingertips.


The amount of movies you have access to for free now would fill up 7 galaxies.

If you’re still unsure about how to go about the app, even though you’re a Jedi Master by now and it’s kind of awkward that you’re still here reading, like, shouldn’t you be watching Attack Of The Clones by now?

No? Okay fine, here’s a tutorial about using PlayBox for Android.

How to Watch and Download Movies in PlayBox HD on Android

To display categories, just call 911 and ask for “Big Bob” he’ll come over to your home and press the three horizontal lines on the top left side on the screen. Or you could do it yourself, but that’s boring.


Stream Movies on PlayBox HD App:

If you want to stream the movie without downloading it, select the movie and your movie will buffer faster than a podracer. Big Bob will really appreciate you streaming a movie for him. He an hour just to go to your place and you’re not gonna let him see a movie?


Download Movies in PlayBox HD on Android:

Show Big Bob here that you can pause the movie or just click the screen to see the download button.


You can also change the streams that offer different quality videos within the PlayBox HD app for android. Bob prefers 1080p, so once you click on streams, you will find 5 different options of video streaming. Select any one of those to adjust the screen resolution and watch your favorite movie without any hassles. Now for the love of God, let Big Bob get back to his home, he has six kids and they’re waiting for him to feed them. You literally called him just to press those three horizontal lines. It was 10 cm away from your face and you brought him here for the weirdest request ever.

Movie App PlayBox HD for PC/Mac: Install it on PC or Mac

How To Better Your Life With PlayBox HD for PC:

The PlayBox HD for PC is essentially a media hub of movies and television ready to be experienced for free with quick buffering times and no intrusive pop-up ads. You can easily stream TV and movies on your iOS/android devices, but now you want to watch them on your larger computer monitor. It’s time to put aside the kids toys and upgrade to the elite squads of streaming

                                                  Upgrading your movie experience

All you need to do is break into your nearest theater, steal every film you can carry and climb onto the fastest horse you can find and race back to your house ready to upload all your movies for a film marathon on your PC.

                                Make sure police on horses don’t catch you either

Then repeat this process forever so you have unlimited access to free films until you can’t afford any more carrots for your horse. Or, how about you just download and install the PlayBox HD for PC to stream any movie? Yeah, that’s less complicated.

There are many Windows and Mac users who are eagerly waiting to download this online movie streaming app on their computers or laptops. Being able to stream as a Windows or Mac user this easily is an even bigger deal than on Android or iOS because there are hundreds of more options on desktops and laptops since developers and coders find more flexibility compared to mobile platforms.

How developers feel with desktop possibilities

Mac and PC users are usually nasty towards each other when it comes to deciding which OS is the best. But in this case, the PlayBox HD brings these two mortal enemies together, fighting side by side against broken links that make you go through annoying ads just to be told “content not available” those days are over now.

PC and Mac can live in peace together now

Before reading the guide to download PlayBox HD on PC/Mac, let’s first have a look at some of the astounding features of the app. New users must read them to know what’s special in the app:


Mac and PC users using app together before reading about features

Features of PlayBox HD:

PlayBox HD is a baby brain simple app that has been a sleeper hit among streaming users since its inception. One of the most things noticeable using PlayBox is that buffering is almost virtually non-existent, something many other websites cannot claim themselves. The major features of the PlayBox HD include:

  1. Watch HD content that looks and sounds better than your real life
  1. Watch the latest Hollywood movies instead of reading boring books that your friends would call you a nerd for.
  1. You can also watch your favorite TV shows online if you missed episodes due to time constraints like hiding from your girlfriend/boyfriend
  1. Adjust the quality of your video with easy resolution options, in case you don’t care about perfect quality because you believe personality is more important than how people look.
  2. Your children will finally leave you alone for a couple of hours thanks to a wide selection of kids content.
  3. Planning on seeing the movie What Women Want starring Mel Gibson? Save it and favorite it to your profile so you can conveniently go back to it when your girlfriend is mad at you.
To install this wonderful app on your Windows PC or Mac, you need to follow this how-to guide to install PlayBox HD on PC. So here’s how you can do it:

Download PlayBox HD for PC/Mac:

Here’s how you can download PlayBox HD for Mac or PC:
  1. Head over to this link and  download the PC or Mac option, whichever OS you’re on, hopefully not Windows 98, it’s almost 2016, come on!
  1. After clicking install, just keep clicking continue. Duh. What did you think you were gonna do? Not continue?
  1. BlueStacks will take it from here so go cook a lasagna, you deserve it.
  1. Once downloaded, and if you finished your lasagna, go to your downloads folder and open BlueStacks. It will now install onto your OS. Please don’t forget to wash the dishes, you’re 32 years old still living with your parents, show them you’re mature.
  1. When you open the app, you will see this page, go to the next page on the right.
  1. Select planet Earth aka the browser icon. Why did they choose planet Earth to represent a browser? Can someone email that question to them? Thanks.
  1. Now enter into the URL and select “Download from archive”
  1. Once you’re here, click Install.
install playbox
  1. You’re done! No more horse racing escapes! Free movies and TV with no ads on your PC/Mac.

Using the Playbox on TV

Using the app on your mac or PC is the exact same thing on the mobile version of it. Why is that? Because it’s actually a mobile port that has been transferred to your desktop. Why try and fix what’s not broken? So if you’ve read our Android or iOS tutorials, it will be the exact same process. That’s another convenient factor using the PlayBox HD for PC/Mac, you don’t need to learn anything new because it’s the same app across each platform. The PlayBox HD app is like American money, welcomed by everyone everywhere.

But JUST in case you don’t believe it, here’s the identical clone method to downloading and saving movies on your desktop.

Step 1. Go to your homescreen. Just like on the mobile version.

                                     homesccreen playbox pc

Step 2. Type in your desired movie or show. In this case, Ted 2.
“2” as in “This is 2 easy”

                                                       ted 2 playbox

Step 3. Choose your preferred quality here. If you have a high-resolution computer monitor, 1080p will be really sharp. So sharp it’ll cut your eyes.


Step 4. Use your sharp 1080p eyes to focus on the 3 lines and slide over the categories menu. Head to the Download tab.


Step 5. There is your saved movie. You may experience Deja Vu doing this if you’ve already done it on Android or iOS.


Movie App PlayBox HD for Android and iPhone Review

There are a couple important variables to consider when using a streaming service. Most streaming services that don’t charge a monthly fee usually have ads to support the site to stay afloat. But in this case, the PlayBox movie app doesn’t have pop-ups ads and is still free. This makes this method of no cost streaming a rare platform that if enough people were to know about, it could eventually be almost as popular as Netflix.

If developers were able to sync PlayBox apk across each device like on Netflix, this app would hands down be the pro-choice for moviegoers. It would be really cool if the app let you Airplay your screen to an Apple TV connected to your large TV or monitor.
playbox logo



Other paid streaming services are friendlier with consoles and smart players that can hook up to TVs. For example, the Roku has many channels and apps that you can access but since movie app PlayBox is pirating content, they wouldn’t allow it on their platform.
Since this is on iOS, there is no way other than maybe a jailbreak tweak to extend the app to your other apple devices such as the Apple TV. But the fact that this app actually functions properly without crashing is pretty amazing considering how restrictive and closed Apples’ ecosystem is.

There are basically the pros and cons of using the app. Xbox, Playstation, and Wii also don’t support pirating software so you wouldn’t be able to access it on your console, which sucks because it would definitely turn your console into a full blown media hub since you can access and movie or TV, not even Netflix does that.

One glaringly obvious addition that would add a lot of value to the app is if podcasts could be accessed as well. Podcasts are pirated just as much as shows and movies so this seems like a natural step towards the app replacing other paid services. Here are the most important pros and cons of the app.



  • They say nothing in life is free, wrong, this is free.
  • Choice of streaming quality
  • Download and keep on your device. Not even Netflix does this.
  • No pop-up ads
  • App doesn’t need to license right to use films, so has a larger library than paid streaming services


  • Doesn’t sync across devices
  • If you feel guilty about pirating films, you’ll feel a little guilt everytime you watch something
  • Free services sometimes lose developers and then the service breaks apart
  • On rare occasions, there is a watermark on the blackbars of the film.
  • The android app that doesn’t support the local language option
When you’re excited to stream for free but you gotta pay $900 for an iPhone.