Movie App PlayBox HD for Android and iPhone Review

There are a couple important variables to consider when using a streaming service. Most streaming services that don’t charge a monthly fee usually have ads to support the site to stay afloat. But in this case, the PlayBox movie app doesn’t have pop-ups ads and is still free. This makes this method of no cost streaming a rare platform that if enough people were to know about, it could eventually be almost as popular as Netflix.

If developers were able to sync PlayBox apk across each device like on Netflix, this app would hands down be the pro-choice for moviegoers. It would be really cool if the app let you Airplay your screen to an Apple TV connected to your large TV or monitor.
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Other paid streaming services are friendlier with consoles and smart players that can hook up to TVs. For example, the Roku has many channels and apps that you can access but since movie app PlayBox is pirating content, they wouldn’t allow it on their platform.
Since this is on iOS, there is no way other than maybe a jailbreak tweak to extend the app to your other apple devices such as the Apple TV. But the fact that this app actually functions properly without crashing is pretty amazing considering how restrictive and closed Apples’ ecosystem is.

There are basically the pros and cons of using the app. Xbox, Playstation, and Wii also don’t support pirating software so you wouldn’t be able to access it on your console, which sucks because it would definitely turn your console into a full blown media hub since you can access and movie or TV, not even Netflix does that.

One glaringly obvious addition that would add a lot of value to the app is if podcasts could be accessed as well. Podcasts are pirated just as much as shows and movies so this seems like a natural step towards the app replacing other paid services. Here are the most important pros and cons of the app.



  • They say nothing in life is free, wrong, this is free.
  • Choice of streaming quality
  • Download and keep on your device. Not even Netflix does this.
  • No pop-up ads
  • App doesn’t need to license right to use films, so has a larger library than paid streaming services


  • Doesn’t sync across devices
  • If you feel guilty about pirating films, you’ll feel a little guilt everytime you watch something
  • Free services sometimes lose developers and then the service breaks apart
  • On rare occasions, there is a watermark on the blackbars of the film.
  • The android app that doesn’t support the local language option
When you’re excited to stream for free but you gotta pay $900 for an iPhone.