Download Movie App PlayBox HD apk for Android!

How To Download PlayBox HD apk on Android And Be The King Of Streaming:

PlayBox HD app solves all your video streaming issues on Android. However, this app isn’t available on Play Store and you have to install it using PlayBox apk. This tutorial will teach you exactly how to download and install the app by using the apk file. 

Once you have installed PlayBox HD apk, you will have full access to movies and TV shows in full HD galore on your Android mobile and tablet. You can even save your favorite HD streams to view later when you don’t have internet access. 

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When you upgraded your mobile to Marshmallow – Will PlayBox HD work?

There is nothing to worry. The new Android is great and it won’t stop you from watching your favorite HD movies free of ads with PlayBox HD. 

PlayBox HD apk is compatible with all versions of Android. The latest version works smoothly on devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow. 

Follow the tutorial and you will be able to play HD videos on your phone. 

PlayBox HD Movie App Download for Android:

This method teaches you how to side-load PlayBox using APK and install the app.

NOTE: Be sure to follow the tutorial till the last step to be sure everything works. 

Step 1:

Make sure turn off your rebel defences and allow unknown applications to install on your Android device. Tap on Settings > Security > Turn on Unknown Sources button as shown below:


Now that you’ve done this young free movie searcher, it will be smooth sailing.

Step 2:

Don’t relax too fast, you have to download PlayBox APK to install the movie streaming app on your Android device. Download PlayBox APK here

If you haven’t cut off your own hand with a lightsaber so far, you should see this:


Step 3:

Now just shoot the Install button with your raygun

Don’t worry, for once there’re no pop ups.

Step 4:

Once the app is installed on your android device, you will now be able to stream your favorite movies, TV shows, videos, etc. right at your fingertips.


The amount of movies you have access to for free now would fill up 7 galaxies.

If you’re still unsure about how to go about the app, even though you’re a Jedi Master by now and it’s kind of awkward that you’re still here reading, like, shouldn’t you be watching Attack Of The Clones by now?

No? Okay fine, here’s a tutorial about using PlayBox for Android.

How to Watch and Download Movies in PlayBox HD on Android

To display categories, just call 911 and ask for “Big Bob” he’ll come over to your home and press the three horizontal lines on the top left side on the screen. Or you could do it yourself, but that’s boring.


Stream Movies on PlayBox HD App:

If you want to stream the movie without downloading it, select the movie and your movie will buffer faster than a podracer. Big Bob will really appreciate you streaming a movie for him. He an hour just to go to your place and you’re not gonna let him see a movie?


Download Movies in PlayBox HD on Android:

Show Big Bob here that you can pause the movie or just click the screen to see the download button.


You can also change the streams that offer different quality videos within the PlayBox HD app for android. Bob prefers 1080p, so once you click on streams, you will find 5 different options of video streaming. Select any one of those to adjust the screen resolution and watch your favorite movie without any hassles. Now for the love of God, let Big Bob get back to his home, he has six kids and they’re waiting for him to feed them. You literally called him just to press those three horizontal lines. It was 10 cm away from your face and you brought him here for the weirdest request ever.

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